Microbiology Department

 The microbiology department is certified to meet your testing requirements.  We provide analysis on drinking water, wastewater, soil, hazardous waste, and sterile water.

 The micro department is equipped with the following:

  • Fisher  Scientific Low Temp Incubator, Model 307
  • Kenmore Refrigerator, 18 cu.ft.
  • Precision Mechanical Convection Incubator
  • Market Forge Sterilmatic Autoclave
  • Precision Scientific Coliform Incubator Bath
  • Fisher Scientific Waterbath
  • Seward Laboratory Blender Stomacher 400
  • Micro O Master Phase Contrast Microscope
  • Fisher Scientific Microscope
  • Fisher Scientific Touch Mixer
  • Corning Hot Plates and Stirrers
  • U.V. Light
  • Automatic Pipeting Machine by Scientific Equip. Products
  • Electric Pipetor
  • For further information please contact Tony Umphenour.
    Tel: (949) 348-9389

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