Introduction to Sierra Analytical

Sierra Analytical Labs, Inc., is a State of California approved environmental laboratory.  Sierra is certified by the Department of Health Services under the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP).  Our certificate number is: 2320 for our Stationary and Mobile Laboratory.  In addition, we are approved by the  County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, along with the Southeast Regional Reclamation Authority (S.E.R.R.A.) of South Orange County.  Sierra has been in operation since 1990.

Sierra Analytical Labs, Inc., is located in Laguna Hills and maintains a 10,000 square foot facility that houses our stationary and mobile laboratories.  The laboratory is fully equipped and staffed to meet your needs and requirements.

Sierra maintains a strict Quality Assurance Program to ensure that the results you receive are within our established guidelines set by the E.P.A. and the Department of Health Services, State of California.  All analyses are performed in accordance with Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 19th Edition, A.S.T.M., and the E.P.A. Methods.  Sierra participates in the WS and WP Studies by EPA to evaluate our performance along with the DMR Program for our NPDES Dischargers.

Over the last forty-eight (48) months  Sierra has been involved in six (6) site visits to audit and inspect our laboratory operations.  The audits were performed by:

  • Jacobs Engineering, Sacramento, California, performed an extensive 2-day audit of our laboratory for the E.P.A. with reference to military contracts (Late 1995).  Upon completion of the audit, we were placed on their approved laboratory list.

  • Southeast Regional Reclamation Authority (S.E.R.R.A.), Dana Point, California, performed a complete site inspection of the laboratory in January of 1996 for the purpose of issuing a contract for laboratory services which we have through January of 2001.

  • Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County inspected the laboratory mid 1996, for the purpose of approving additional analytical methods, in which we received the approvals.  Mr. David Whipple was the auditor. We have been on the L.A.C.S.D. approved list since our initial audit in early 1991.

  • Equilon, L.A.R.C., Wilmington, California, inspected our laboratory as part of the on-going contract with Equilon in February of 1997, to verify all methods and QA/QC  documentation.  Our contract with Equilon extends through October of 2001.  In addition, an ISO 9000 audit was performed in February of 1999 by Shell Oil as part of Equilon to add us to their approved list of labs for nationwide purposes.

  • State of California, D.O.H.S., Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program inspected the laboratory as part of our renewal process for certification in February, 2002. Our certificate was renewed through September of 2004.
  • Our State of California Certificate has been in excellent standing since our initial approval in 1991.
    For further information please contact Richard Forsyth
    Tel: (949) 348-9389

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    Project Experience

    At Sierra Laboratories, our clients range from water districts and refineries to private environmental consulting firms.  We have performed analysis to meet federal, state, and local requirements, from drinking water to hazardous waste.  Our report formats and QA/QC protocols have met the requirements for; U.S.E.P.A., Well Investigation Program, California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Office of Drinking Water, and Local Sanitation Districts.  We have the capability to customize our reports to meet the needs of our clients.  We can also provide electronic transfer of data.

    Sierra Analytical Labs, Inc. services approximately 75 to 100 different clients with the main emphasis on possibly twenty major clients.

    The following are some examples of client projects that Sierra has been or is involved in at this time:

  • CLIENT: Terra- Vac and Bechtel

  • PROJECT: Stringfellow Landfill, Riverside County, California

    Sierra was subcontracted by Terra-Vac to provide analytical support during a Vapor Extraction Feasibility Study (VEFS) conducted at the Stringfellow Landfill, a National Priority List (NPL) Superfund site.  Soil and vapor samples were analyzed on-site by a mobile laboratory for volatile organic compounds.  Soil and water  samples were also analyzed off-site for volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds.  The work as  performed according to strict QA/QC protocols implemented by U.S.E.P.A. and the prime contractor, Bechtel.  More than 250 samples were analyzed during the two month project with the majority of the work by our mobile lab on-site.

  • CLIENT: Texaco Refining and Marketing, Inc.

  • PROJECT: Texacoís Wilmington Refinery, Wilmington, California

    Sierra is contracted through October of 2001 to provide analytical services to the refinery and its outside environmental consultants.  The type of samples range from; Drinking Water, Rainwater Run-off, Monitoring Wells, Industrial Wastewater Discharge, Process water, Soil, and various Hazardous Waste Samples.  Our reports are tailored to the governing agency, whether it be the Regional Board or Sanitation District.

  • CLIENT: Clean America

  • PROJECT: Landing Restaurant, Newport Beach, California

    Sierra was contracted to provide mobile and stationary laboratory support for a groundwater and soil clean-up, plus perform all testing required by the N.P.D.E.S. Permit for discharge of water into the Balboa Bay in Newport Beach. The mobile lab was on site and in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a period of one month. The mobile lab performed EPAís 8010ís / 8020ís, Gas, and Carbon Chains on site, while the stationary lab performed Metal and GC/MS analyses. Bay sediment and salt water samples were also analyzed.

    In addition, we generated the necessary reports to the Regional Board for the client to receive closure on the site.

  • CLIENT: Vapor Extraction Technologies, (VET)

  • PROJECT: Various projects including Unocal tank pulls

    Sierra provides mobile and stationary laboratory support to V.E.T. especially in the area of tank removal and on-site analytical services with our mobile laboratory. The field work includes:   EPA 8020, 8015M (gas), 8015M (diesel), and 418.1ís. Occasionally, we will do Carbon Chain I.D.ís and 8010ís. We have worked with V.E.T. for over five years.

  • CLIENT: South East Regional Reclamation Authority

  • PROJECT: Complete Analytical Services for Potable Water, Treatment Plants, and Wastewater Permit Program

    Sierra provides complete laboratory services to S.E.R.R.A. in reference to drinking water, industrial wastewater, sludge, and various treatment plant requirements. The service includes all phases from providing sample containers to the final reports. In addition, we support their industrial wastewater permit program with on-site sampling, flow measurements, compositing and/or grab sampling, analyses, and reports.

  • CLIENT: Park Environmental, Anaheim, California

  • PROJECT: Variety of on-going projects over the last six years.

    Sierra provides analytical services to Park to meet all their analytical needs. The projects vary from mobile laboratory, site remediations, monitoring wells, vapor surveys, etc.

  • CLIENT: Kaiser Ventures, Inc., Ontario, California

  • PROJECT: Contract Laboratory Services (1995 to Present)

    Sierra Analytical Labs, Inc. provides complete analytical services to Kaiser in all of their on-going projects from the California Speedway to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  In 1995 and 1996 Sierra provided all the analytical services during the remediation and construction of the California Speedway.

  • CLIENT: Moulton Niguel  Water Districts / Aliso Water District (Brennon Flahive, Laboratory)

  • PROJECT: Complete Analytical Laboratory Services since June 1991.

    Sierra provides analytical services in all areas from Drinking Water to Treatment Plant Sludge. Drinking Water analyses includes: THMís, THM Maximum Potentials, General Minerals, Inorganics, and Organics.

  • CLIENT: Dana Point Shipyard

  • PROJECT: Ocean Sediment Testing to meet permit requirements

    Sierra has provided analytical support to Dana Point Shipyard in the area of sediment and rainwater run-off samples. Tributylin, Copper, Sulfides, and Organics are tested on the Sediments for the NPDES Permit. A variety of testing is done on the rainwater run-off.

  • CLIENT: Development Planning Solutions

  • PROJECT: Storm water Run-Off program for Santa Margarita Company

    Sierra provides complete monitoring of the Las Flores Planned Community for their Storm Water Run-Off Program including monitoring of water and sediment from Trabuco Creek.

    The above clients provide a general idea of Sierraís capabilities.  In addition to the typical analyses, we have performed Bio-Treatability Studies for Shell Oil and Chevron, Water Treatment Studies, and Carbon Studies for Organic Contamination.
    For further information please contact Richard Forsyth
    Tel: (949) 348-9389
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